Location Based Triggers

Geo-fence content on your website with Trggr

Geo-fencing content on your website is not only a powerful tool, but also a strategic way to target specific audiences. With Trggr’s geolocation capabilities, you can engage users in precise geographical areas, allowing you to tailor your content based on their location. Whether you want to customize your offerings for customers residing in a particular state in the United States or create location-specific promotions, Trggr has got you covered. 

Additionally, Trggr offers the flexibility to show or hide content on your website, giving you complete control over what your visitors see based on their location. Don't miss out on the opportunity to optimize user engagement and conversion rates with Trggr's geo-fencing features.

How To

Creating targeted messaging and content with Geo-fencing

First, login to your Trggr account and navigate to the “Triggers” section.

Then, click “Add Trigger” to create a new trigger or “Modify” next to the Trggr you’d like to update.

In Step 4, under “Advanced Trigger Options“, choose the “Geolocation” button. See the image below for a visual reference.

Next, choose the Country and optionally the Region you’d like to target.

Steps Complete

Geo-targeted Messaging

If you’re intent is to target specific users geographically with targeted prompts, then your job is almost done. Just finish filling out the “Toast” information to present the user with a compelling offer, coupon, or details they’d be interested in.

Optional Custom JS Method

Geo-targeted Content using JavaScript

If you’d like to show or hide specific content on your website, then click on the “Custom JS” Trggr type in Step 2 from above.

From here, you can add any custom JavaScript that you need on your website. For example, below is a quick code snippet using native JavaScript to remove one <div>, hide a <button>, and show another <div>.

					// Remove a div

// Hide a button
var elem = document.getElementById("button_to_hide");
elem.style.display = 'none';

// Show a div
var elem = document.getElementById("div_to_show");
elem.style.display = 'block';

It’s important to know that Trggr is an addition to your current HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Which means you have access to any library that’s already installed on your website. For example, below we’re using jQuery to show and hide an element.


You can also trigger a Google Analytics 4 event. See https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/ga4/events?client_type=gtag for more information on GA4 events. For example:

					gtag('event', 'screen_view', {
    'app_name': 'myAppName',
    'screen_name': 'Home'


Lastly, click “Add Trigger” or “Update Trigger” if modifying. Your geo-fenced message is complete!


In conclusion, Trggr’s geo-fencing capabilities offer a powerful and strategic way to target specific audiences on your website. With precise geolocation capabilities, you can tailor your content based on users’ location, whether it’s customizing offerings for customers in a particular state or creating location-specific promotions. Trggr also provides the flexibility to show or hide content based on location, giving you complete control over what visitors see. By leveraging Trggr’s geo-fencing features, you can optimize user engagement and conversion rates. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your website’s performance.

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