Getting Started

Learn how to get Trggr set up in your website in just a few minutes.

Quick Start

This guide will walk you through each step you need to complete to get started quickly.

Installing via CDN
This is the easiest way to get started quickly. Start by adding the following JavaScript code to your website. It will include the Trggr library on your website. You’ll want to be sure to add it just before the closing </body> tag.
					<script src=""></script>

Installing via NPM
If you’d like to build the Trggr JavaScript library with the scripts that you’re already using. You can install the library via NPM.
					npm install trggr-js


Adding a Domain

If you’re not already at the Domain section in your account. Login to your account and navigate to the Domain section via the main menu.

Create a Trigger

If you’re not already at the Trigger section in your account. Login to your account and navigate to the Trigger section via the main menu.

Creating a Form with Trggr

Creating a Trggr to display a form in the toast message is a seamless process that can be done effortlessly. Our step-by-step guide will assist you in setting up a Trggr to quickly.

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Geo-fencing / Geo-location of content & messaging

Trggr enables you to optimize your website by using geo-fencing to target specific locations and deliver personalized content and messaging.

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Customizing Your Toast

Learn how to customize aspects of your Toast using our Customization panel.

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Integrating With Klaviyo
Integrating With MailChimp

Seamlessly integrate with MailChimp and effortlessly capture newsletter signups. Eliminate the hassle of form integration with Trggr:

ActiveCampaign Integration
Are you tired of struggling with setting up your newsletter signups on ActiveCampaign? Trggr is here to make your life a whole lot easier with our simple integration. Click below to learn how:
HubSpot Integration

Follow our quick guide to integrate your HubSpot account with Trggr. In a few short steps you will be able to capture HubSpot newsletter signups with ease:

Constant Contact
Constant Contact Integration

Integrating your Constant Contact account with Trggr is a breeze when you follow our step-by-step guide. With just a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to effortlessly capture signups for your Constant Contact newsletter using Trggr’s seamless integration.

Trggr WordPress® Plugin

Trggr offers a WordPress® plugin for connecting your WordPress® website with both Trggr webhooks and form integrations. Download the Trggr WordPress® plugin. Read below to understand how our plugin works.

Learn how to Boost User Engagement with Trggr’s WordPress Geolocation Plugin.

Popular WordPress® Form Integrations

Use Trggr to integrate submissions from your WordPress forms to popular CRM platforms. Trggr currently supports:


Integrating Trggr with WPForms:
Click here to read about integrating with WPForms.

Contact Form 7

Integrating Trggr with Contact Form 7:
Click here to read about integrating with Contact Form 7.

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