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Learn how to Geo-Fencing specific content with Trggr

What is Geo-Fencing?

In short: Geo-fencing on the web has emerged as a powerful tool that leverages location data to deliver personalized experiences and boost marketing efforts. With geo-fencing, your business can create localized and relevant experiences for specific users/visitors. For instance, an online store can use this technology to announce promotional offers to customers who are in their physical US state/region. Geolocation helps to engage consumers at the right place, increasing the likelihood of sales conversions and customer loyalty. It offers an innovative way to utilize location-based information to enhancing decision-making processes for both businesses and individuals.

How do I use Geo-Fencing with Trggr?

First, login to your Trggr account and navigate to the “Triggers” section:

Triggers Section of the Admin

Next, choose “Add Trigger” (if you are creating a new trigger) or click “Modify” next to the Trggr you’d like to update with Geo-Fencing:

Choose Modify or create depending on your needs

To access Geo-Fencing options, locate Step 4 of the Trigger screen. Under “Advanced Trigger Options”, choose the “Geolocation” button:

Locate Advanced Options

Choose the Country (and optionally the Region) you’d like to target. For purposes of this example we will assume you are in the United States. Once we’ve selected the United States the next option is Region (or US state):

Choosing the region to geo-fence

That is all you need to do to Geo-Fence your Trggr to specific users. Simply finish editing your trigger and your content is relegated to whatever options you’ve selected in the Geolocation settings.

More advanced options?

If you want to leverage Geo-Fencing with Trggr in combination with your custom Javascript, we cover that in more detail in this section of our documentation. Visit the link and navigate to the section that reads “Geo-targeted Content using JavaScript.”



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